The best day of the year!

Yup, you heard me right! It’s the best day of the year because it’s Remembrance’s release date! Some of you have been waiting since last June, others not so long, but waiting nonetheless, but all is perfect and right in the world now!

Follow the links below to get your copy of Remembrance, Timeless #7 and continue your journey through my Timeless World! See you on the other side!

About Lisa

Taming the wilderness of my imagination, one story at a time. I love hiking, camping, watching my boys fish, and taking long walks with my yellow labs, Taylor and Mandi. Sometimes I enjoy cooking when the mood hits, and not only have I published novels, but I'm the master of redesigning just about anything. Idaho has been my home for 27+ years now, can't wait to spend another 27+ years here too.