Timeless Series Christmas Bundle!

A crazy idea came to me, okay, in reality a crazy idea was suggested that I combine the first four books in the Timeless Series into a ebook boxset for Christmas. So I did! Yup, all 400,000+ words and 1,400 + pages of it in one mega boxset! All for $9.99!!! That’s 50% off the retail price just in time for all your holiday shopping!


What does this mean for you? It means if you haven’t already purchased the first four Timeless ebooks you can treat yourself to a boxset bundle and read them in order without stopping to buy the next ebook! It also means you don’t have to leave the house over the holiday season because you’ll be stuck with your nose in a ebook that will make you laugh and cry and then curse my name only to keep you reading more!

I’ve also decided it will save you money in two ways:

  • First, you won’t be out shopping, which will save you money because you’ll be in your active wear on the couch or in bed. This will make your other half somewhat happy that you’re not spending money, although I’d suggest coming up for air an hour at a time to make sure they know you’re alive.
  • Secondly, the ebook boxset is 50% the retail pricing of the books! Yup, 50% off the retail price if you were to buy them all separately. I can see you adding it up now…4 books at $4.99 = $19.96. (Yes I know book 1 is free for the time being, but it hasn’t always been and might go away at some point). So that $9.99 is an awesome steal!

It’d also make a great gift idea for that friend/family member/and or favorite reading friend that’s wanting the next great read to whisk them away! And if you don’t gift someone? Well, the friend/family member/and or favorite reading friend will thank you when you tell them about this awesome deal. They might even take you out for a coffee because they saved so much! It’s a win-win all the way around!

Okay, so where can you get the ebook boxset or tell your friends about them? Follow the links below and they will get you to the right spots whether you read on your kindle, iPad, iPhone, android or tablet!

Amazon     iBooks*     Nook     Kobo

*I’m having some issues with the link for iBooks, but it should be fixed soon. It had to do with submitting a 3D cover, apparently they don’t like them. 

Happy Holidays!

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