How do you say that? Part 2

Many new fans have boarded the Timeless train and it was brought to my attention that a lot of you would like to know how I pronounce some of the names. I first posted on this in May of 2013, but now I’ve updated it to include names and such up to book six, Deceptions. Keep your eyes posted as I may be adding more to this list as the series finishes up.

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I have unique names in the Timeless Series, unique like me…okay, unusual, odd like me is more like it. I typically get asked how I came up with the names, which my reply is: “I’m dyslexic, it was easy. I already have a language of my own anyway.” lol

The second question is: “How do you say that?” So without further ado, here’s your answer.

Character Names:

Adalmund – ad/al/mund

Cheyenne, also
known as Chey (sounds like Shy)

Qaysean – kay/sean

Conall – con/al

Maes – maze / mays

Jasalyn – ja/sa/lynn

Shaena – sh/a/na

Nakari – na/cari

Rayne – rain

Makhi – ma/k/hi

Jorell – jor/ell

Jahlem – jay/lem

Beau – bo

Bleu – blue

Creature Names:

Tresez – trices – try/seas – that
within a thing develops

Sauvages – savages

Clan Names:

Sarac – sar/ack

Sarac – sar/ack

Silloquize – cil/o/quize

Consilador – con/sil/a/door

Laundess – lawn/dess

Servak – ser/vack

Kvech – k/vech

Quaysaar – quay/sar (like the old tv’s)

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